Liver Cleansing Protein Smoothie

Looking for a balanced meal and a gentle liver cleanse all in one?! This smoothie is sure to do the trick.


Why cleanse the liver? 

Our liver is responsible for over 500 vital functions. Some of the many tasks include producing proteins, breaking down toxins, managing blood sugar, and activating enzymes. It is important to support your liver daily to keep your body balanced. This liver cleansing smoothie is a great way to do just that! All of the ingredients in this smoothie have been shown to support the liver, enhance detoxification, and stimulate the digestive process! 



· 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

· 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

· 1 teaspoon honey

· 1 banana, frozen

· 1 teaspoon turmeric 

·1/3 cup parsley

·1-2 stalks celery 

·1/4 lemon, squeezed 



1. Add all ingredients to a blender.

2. Pulse until smooth.


Allison Sherkin - House of Wellness

Written by Allison Sherkin, RHN, CHNC

Allison is the in-house nutritionist at House of Wellness. She is a registered holistic nutritionist with experience in weight loss, mental health, hormonal balance, and digestion. She is passionate about helping others elevate their health and truly discover their highest potential! Allison believes in products made with integrity and focuses on effective solutions to help her customers and clients. 

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