Gold Top Organics Hemp Seed Oil 250ml

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Volume: 250ml
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Gold Top Organics' Hemp Oil is:  
  • produced by cold pressing hemp seeds without the use of chemicals.
  • not refined, bleached, deodorized or filtered.
  • free of genetically modified organisms.
  • gluten and trans fat free. 
  • made preserving the natural antioxidants / tocopherols / omega-3 and-6 poly-unsaturated fatty acids. 
  • made in a peanut-free and kosher approved facility.


Why use this product?

Hemp contains a favourable omega-6 to omega-3 ratio of 3:1 or lower which is better than the target ratio of 4:1. 

Furthermore, hemp seeds and Gold Top Organics Hemp oil contains 

  • vitamins (e.g. particularly the tocopherols and tocotrienols of the Vitamin E complex), phytosterols and trace minerals. 
  • Hemp also contains all of the essential amino acids in nutritionally significant quantities and proportions.
  • Hemp oil may therefore be a good addition to your diet by providing a good ratio of essential fatty acids, proteins, and vitamins. 

Suggested Use

  • drizzle over salads, vegetables, and over favourite meals. 
  • mix with favourite herbs to made dressings. 
  • add in smoothies or baked goods.
  • oil can be used in baked goods providing the temperature remains below 3200F
  • freeze the product to extend its shelf life.

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